Friday, October 28, 2011

PPSMI seperti menyuruh bayi makan dengan tangannya sendiri

1. Ia satu pendekatanyang salah dan bodoh.

2. Ia satu agenda busuk hati yang melemahkan murid Melayu yang diterima oleh menteri-menteri Melayu yang tolol.

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En Syed,

I do not support PPSMI, because PPSMI is a wrong approach towards english proficiency.

My children experience with PPSMI showed that while they not yet grasp the English, they have to grasp the Math and Science subjects at the same time. This is impossible.

For me, the correct approach is to teach English widely and efectively from early schooling, say Pra-school and up to Standard 3 that make students able to converse and read English material conveniently. Then only teach the subject (math, science and whatever subject) in English, because by that time student would already be able to read english books and understand teachers speaking.

PPSMI is like asking a 6 months baby to feed himself. Stupid idea.

I suspect PPSMI is a bad hidden agenda which is made acceptable by stupid malay ministers.

MBIMBM is better.

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